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Resume Tips That Can Lend You A Dream Job!

98 percent of applicants are rejected based on their resumes alone. No, I am not saying this but Glassdoor does. Resume is your career identity, so it has to be informative and well written.

No companies will hire those who have a generic and copied resume no matter how excellent their academic numbers are. Today, the competition is fierce and an ordinary resume template doesn't make you a way to the interview door.

If you just passed out of college, I know how difficult is for you to get an interview scheduled let alone getting a job. Freshers often struggle with what to write and what not to write in the resume. The fear is real as it's a resume that can make or break your career.

  • What should I write in the resume summary?

  • What skills should I include in my resume?

  • What if I don't have the experience to show?

  • Can I copy resume templates from the internet?

The list of questions is endless. There are lots of resume templates available on the internet but they all are generic in nature. Resume templates can provide you structure but it won't help you with details you should write.

Importantly, there are thousands like you downloading the same template from the internet and putting minimum effort to include information that can help them to stand apart. All they do is replace some numbers and education details on the resume and they think this can get them a job?

No doubt, the world is full of opportunities but to be frank, opportunities won't come to you. You need to go to opportunities to get shit done. Moreover, the companies are getting millions of applications for the vacancy of a few hundred positions.

Yeah, right! Can you sense the level of competition here? Intense, cutthroat, and deadly. How will you make your presence marked if you are in such a situation? The first step to making your presence marked in your job hunt is to write an effective resume. Here is the list of information that your resume should contain.

Full name (First name + Last name)

Always write your full name in your resume. The interviewer needs to know your full name. So it has to be your full name instead of short forms such as K. Nashit or Nashit K. Never mention your short name or pet name as it creates bad impression and your resume might can see the face of bin.

Optimized LinkedIn Profile ID

Lots of freshers or students are unaware about the power of social media and professional networks. It can provide an ocean of opportunities that can help you grow in your career. LinkedIn is one such platform where you should be present. Your LinkedIn profile should have all the required details such as bio, experience, education, certificates, project details, skills, recommendations, etc. Recruiters find candidates from this professional network and can get a snapshot of your profile easily.

Short summary

Your summary should cover your education, experience, and achievements. More, it should be around 2-3 lines only as the interviewer just skim through your resume rather than reading each and every line.


Include skills you are good at. Don't write detailed information instead use bullet points to showcase your skills. Don't just copy and paste skills from the job description or from the internet, be honest and only include skills you learned or good at. The interviewer often goes into details and ask you questions based on the skills that you mentioned in the resume.

Quantified Accomplishments

This is the section where you can create an impression and can stand out from the crowd. I have reviewed hundreds of resumes but only 2% of candidates mentioned their quantified accomplishments in the resume. Quantified accomplishments are measurable achievements throughout your academic or career. Actionable insights and metrics catch the attention of interviewers. Which detail would you prefer from below,

Maintained social media channels and increased brand visibility across all social media channels


Managed social media marketing activities overseeing all aspects of social media strategy, increased Twitter following by 200%, Facebook by 200%, and Instagram by 400%

I bet the second one, right? Because it shows challenge, action, and results. If you are fresher, quantified accomplishments could be anything related to your education, project, internship, or co-curricular activities.

For example: Developed a motor that helped workers to increase their efficiency by 40%,

Initiated a program to feed 20 poor families monthly.


It's 2020 and you still need a degree certificate to let others know that you are capable enough unless you are planning to work at Google, Facebook, or Tesla. Therefore, write clear details about your education. Mention degree, area of the subject, and name of the university. For example, if you have done engineering, write 'Bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering at XYZ university'. Later, mention the academic score. In case if you have some achievements to show, always mention those achievements along with your results. For example, Gold medalist in CA, CS or MBA. Write all the educational information in the same format.

Certificates or Practical Work

Companies choose little experience over no experience at all. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to mention read world work experience or certificates. Mention details about the real-world problems that you have solved. Imagine, how big difference these little details can make in your resume.

Once you add all the information, don't forget to get feedback from different authoritative people. Show your resume to teachers, brothers, sisters, faculties, or professors, and ask them for the area of improvement.

Earlier, when I was applying for jobs, I surely got a call back from HRs just because of my resume. I got lots of positive compliments just because I had a resume that wasn't generic but concise and clear in details. Here is the copy of my resume,

Resume Sample
Download PDF • 91KB

Believe it or not, it's critically important to have an effective resume.

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