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Everything you don't know about Linkedin- An eBook by Ketan Nashit

Leverage LinkedIn in The Best Possible Way

I have generated over a million impressions, got more than 40 job offers, and received multiple freelancing gigs - all of them in just a matter of four months. And the platform is, LinkedIn.

Look at the picture given here, these are the statistics of my week's performance. Over 95,000+ views, 630+ likes, 250+ comments and a good 7.32% engagement rate on my posts.


I became active on the platform in the year 2020 but wasn't consistent though. When I realized the potential of this platform, I showed up every day.

Multiple failed strategies, posts that didn't reach the right audience, connections not getting acceptance- I have seen it all. But over time, I learned how the LinkedIn algorithm works.


Results like this require years of consistency on the platform but with the right strategy, you can get it there in a few months. There is no rocket science but a proven strategy.


Get your copy and learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to open the doors of opportunities.

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